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Persol sunglasses

Persol sunglasses are a guarantee of quality. Choose from our wide range of this Italian brand, which has been on the market for over 100 years. In addition to the stylish design, they also protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. The brand holds several patents, thanks to which the glasses provide perfect protection and clear vision.

How was the first model created?

The entire story of the Persol brand began in 1917 in Turin. The family optician store where Guiseppe Ratti worked was often visited by pilots. They complained to him about the harsh sun that bothered them while flying. The Italian optician therefore decided to start experimenting with tinted lenses that would reduce the effects of the blinding sun. And so glasses called "The Protector" were born.

Shortly after that, he named them Persol, which means "for sun" in Italian (per il sole). The first model had round tinted lenses with rubber edges. They did not have a classic frame, but an elastic band. Thanks to their quality, comfortable wear and functionality, they soon became popular not only with pilots, but also with racing aces.

Why should you buy Persol glasses?

If you are looking for quality sunglasses, Persol is the right choice for you. In addition to high-quality craftsmanship, you will also appreciate their long lifespan. The brand does not follow fashion fads, but prefers timeless elegance. If you choose one of their models, it will be part of your style for many years.

In our offer you will find men's and women's models of various shapes. Try them on comfortably via webcam and find out which shape suits you best. You can also choose from metal, plastic, and titanium frames.

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